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Important Numbers


  • Medical/Fire:  Call 911
  • Non-life threatening i.e. water leaks, power outage, etc.
    • 7:00am-4:00pm call Property Management (Newell) 239-514-1199 press 1 for after-hour emergencies.
  • Florida Power & Light  1-800-966-4875

Newell Property Management 

  • General: 239-514-1199
  • Egrets Exterminator: 
    • Bugs-Are-Us  239-337-4484
  • Property Manager; Kenneth Peredo
    • 239-514-1199 X243
    • Email:

Pelican Marsh

  • Main Gate House:  239-597-0029
    • 239-597-0026  (voice mail)
  • Pelican Marsh Foundation:  239-594-7800
  • Fitness Center:   239-594-7800
  • Tennis ProShop:    239-514-3200
  • Comcast:   877-834-6757

Egrets Walk Guidelines

1- CDC Covid 19 guidelines must be followed in the pool areas and clubhouse/gym unless otherwise noted.

2- Trash Pick-up

  • Trash only pick- up is Tuesday
  • Trash and Recycle pick-up is Friday
  • Most items can be recycled. Please Recycle
  • Waste management: 239-649-2212 
  • Containers can be placed at the curb after 6PM the day before pickup and returned to the garage by 6PM on collection day.

3- Inform the main Pelican Marsh Security Gate if you expect a guest or vendor. Gate # is 239-597-0026 (voice mail) | 239-597 -0029

4- Owners or Tenants may not use guest parking, except when using the pool facilities.

5- The duration may not be longer than 4 hours. Violators will be towed.
Parking on the street is not permitted, except for service vehicles. Parking on the grass is not permitted. Violators will be towed.

6- No items may be placed in or on the common areas. The common area is anywhere outside your entrance door.

7- Your garage may not be used for storage to the exclusion of a vehicle. One vehicle is to be parked in the garage, and another in the driveway.

8- Use the designated code to access clubhouse and exercise room.

9- Read the Pool, Spa, Exercise Room and Clubhouse Rules before using the facilities.

10- Only Electric grills of 2 square feet grilling surface or less are permitted. No propane or charcoal grills are allowed.

11- Washing of vehicles is permitted only at designated areas, not in the driveways. Vehicle washing area is near the small pool.

12- Conserve water whenever possible.

13- Guidelines are subject to the Rules and Regulations of Egrets Walk which shall control. A copy of the Egret’s Walk Rules and Regulations must be available in each and every unit. Each Owner, their Tenants and Guests are expected to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of Egret’s Walk


Egrets Walk is located within Pelican Marsh in North Naples. The Pelican Marsh main entrance is located on Hwy. 41 North(Tamiami Trail ) and 99th St. between Immokalee Rd. and Vanderbilt Beach Rd (Security Access 24 hours). This entrance is open 24 hours. The East entrance is on Airport Pulling Rd. just north of Vanderbilt Beach Rd. and the South entrance is located on Vanderbilt Beach Rd. just east of Goodlette-Frank Rd. They are open from 6AM to 10PM for guest access.